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  1. ADVANTAGES OF THE MIND OF CHRIST … The mind of Christ was the key to his victories on earth and its transfer as a free gift is key to your victory in life too. The full package of our salvation is filled with spiritual concepts that can never be handled by the natural, the intellectual or religious mind. Many believers are struggling today because we try to operate the kingdom of God with an understanding sponsored from the natural mindset. This is a common complaint as people struggle to know who they really are using carnal intelligence. Carnal mindsets can never and will never get us access into the spiritual where the advantage is stored. A lot of confusions and delusions are triggered because the words we use are common to all mindsets but the meanings and interpretations are different when processed by the mind of Christ. The Bible is for example a book that can easily be misunderstood. Using a natural or intellectual mindset you could read from cover to cover without having a clue as to what God is communicating. The religious mindset is worse because you assume that you understand what is written in scriptures but the results show otherwise.

The Mind of Christ grants us access to privileged information and this is an important key in the enablement of divine protection, prosperity, wealth transfers, spiritual growth, divine access and spiritual technology. The church has been talking about the spiritual transfer of wealth and the wealth of the wicked for ages but very little has been recorded since that night in ancient Egypt. The scriptures record diverse testimonies of wealth generation and each one requires the use of the mind of Christ. It’s difficult if not impossible for any believer to acquire significant wealth until he has mastered the mystery of “stewardship in the kingdom” and it’s unfortunate that the modern church is yet to understand that financial miracles should be an exception rather than the rule when God is involved. Mammon is the most lethal foe that is one the globe today and the arcane intelligence behind the financial and economic institutes of the world’s monetary system are skewed against the kingdom of God. To beat mammon flat you must activate the mind of Christ.

Motivational talks and financial breakthrough programs can be exciting but a hard look at facts and figures will show that you cannot beat mammon on the field of carnal intelligence. There is wealth and there is wealth! Jesus Christ was dead serious when he said that a rich man could hardly enter the kingdom. He was not asking you to stay poor he was just warning you about the wealth that adds many sorrows here and hereafter. Here again the Mind of Christ is the game changer for financial issues in a believers life. It takes the mind of Christ to see the escape clause for rich men! With the Mind of Christ you get riches that add no sorrows. You don’t have to sell your birth right like Esau to live in a mansion, drive good cars and travel around the world in a private plane. So stop being envious of the wicked and get on the right track.

In spiritual warfare the Mind of Christ is also very important to decode the strategies of the evil one. Religious minds tend to engage in strenuous and fruitless exercises instead of casting down strongholds while the intellectual lives in denial. Many believers have been destroyed completely because the tried to fight satanic stratagems wit superstition but the Mind of Christ delivers convincing and stress free victories.




THE MASTERS’ MIND … Before you can appropriate and activate the Mind of Christ there are some basics you have to understand. What exactly is the Mind of Christ? Why is it a defining factor of success? The two significant words we must look into are mind, and the Christ taking note that we are not talking about the Mind of Jesus even though Jesus of Nazareth operated the Mind of Christ. First we would take a basic look at what the mind is. The mind is that instrument or organ in every being that processes thoughts. We know that the mind of a beast processes thoughts at a lower level than the minds of men. Mankind enjoys a superiority in thought processing over beasts and beasts would tame men and have dominion over men if the roles were reversed.

In the same vein the thoughts of God are far above the thoughts of men in both latitude and processing speed. God thinks and He out thinks all creation in fact part of the reason why He is the Almighty is because He monitors the thoughts of all beings in existence. The raw natural mind becomes an intelligent mindset through the process of education where man learns to process thoughts constructively. The intelligent mind is however limited and cannot handle the thoughts of God beyond the natural senses. The religious mindset on the other hand discourages thinking to promote uniform adherence and cultish obedience! God in His mercy and grace has enabled us to share in His thoughts with man by equipping us with the mind of Christ.

Many believers think it’s is unspiritual to think, they believe that you must quit thinking to be in the spirit! The very opposite is true, because God is Spirit and God thinks more than every created being. Thoughts are spiritual and the believer cannot walk in the spirit unless he processes the thoughts of God. The thoughts of God operate at levels that go beyond the thresholds of intellectual thinking. Moses at the Red Sea would never have explored the thought that salvation would come in the direction God was thinking! You just imagine what would happen to your life if the Mind of Christ were to be activated within you? There are other functions that the mind performs that will be discussed later on.


IGNITING THE MIND OF CHRIST … The Christ by definition is the anointed or chosen one! The Mind of Christ would then be the mindset of the anointed one. God generated Himself a son and sent him with a unique anointing to deliver us. To be successful on his mission the chosen one needed a mind that could defeat satanic intelligence and it was only the mind of God that could do that so God gave the Christ a mindset that could handle the thoughts of God. It is interesting to note that the Mind of Christ was not active but dormant when Jesus Christ was a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. The principles by which the mind of Christ is acquired and activated are no different for us! All mankind comes into this world with a basic mindset programmed with potentials after the fallen Adam. We practically make our entrance into the physical world with a clean slate but you will observe that human children don’t need to be taught disobedience and generally grow to tell lies instinctively!

This is why all intelligent cultures have a program that instructs children to become truthful and accountable for the sake of the larger society. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin by the Word of God and this came with a mindset that had potentials towards the thoughts of God. We too are equipped with the same mind of Christ at the new birth but it remains dormant until we do what Jesus Christ did to provoke that mindset into action. Jesus of Nazareth did not know that he was Jesus the Christ when he was a baby! As a baby he did not know about the divine dimension of his conception but discovered it, meditated on it and accepted it as truth when he grew up. Because of the Immaculate Conception Jesus Christ was 100% divine and he was also equally 100% man because Mary produced the seed of the woman. Natural babies do not remember the day of their birth because their minds are dormant and cannot process the data. Have you ever met anyone that could describe the circumstances of their birth? The natural man too accepts the birthdate on his birth certificate because he was told by someone and the information was stored in the birth records.

Jesus of Nazareth was tactfully informed about the circumstances of his birth and he studied the scriptures to confirm the implications of his virgin birth. Is it not interesting that we are persuaded of our birthdates based on the witness of others and written records? Yet we struggle with the dynamics of the new birth? To be a part of the new birth experience we too must believe what Jesus discovered and believed. Is it easy for any logical thinking person with a college degree to accept a Savior that was born of virgin? That assertion runs contrary to the logic of the world! We can now conclude that the kingdom of God operates on a logic that’s much higher than that of the natural world and we cannot access the advantages as Jesus Christ did until we change tracks from the natural, intellectual or religious mind set unto the higher logic of the Mind of Christ. Perhaps this is why the scriptures say “My people perish for lack of knowledge!”

It all reminds me of a story about a Nigerian who came in with his blue tooth technology ear piece. Stepping aside in the Alaba market to take a call he never noticed that a crowd had gathered to gawk at the spectacle of a well-dressed man that was talking to himself in broad daylight! The crowd felt sorry for him persuaded that he must have wronged the wizards and witches in his village. This is what a superior technology often attracts from the ignorant and the advantages delivered by the activation of the Mind of Christ often attract such reactions from the limited understanding of the world.




THE MASTERMINDS … There is an arcane intelligence behind all the darkness, confusions and depressions troubling the land. The chaos is sponsored by master minds who all report to the mastermind of darkness. Any nation, people or community that will beat these satanic wiles will have to produce a set of believers that can rise above religious rhythms, rites and rituals to provoke and activate the masters’ mind … the Mind of Christ! This is the game changer that every believer needs to connect their glorious destinies. Without breaking stride we must establish the fact that it’s this mindset that separates victors from victims, winners from losers, men from beasts and champions from failures.

Just for information, there are basically 4 mindsets that you have to choose from to operate in life.

  • The raw natural mindset
  • The intelligent mindset
  • The religious mindset
  • And the Mind of Christ.

The Mind of Christ is off course the greatest level and it’s the only mindset that has direct access to the Mind of God. Most people naturally gravitate towards the religious mindset and its sedative effects when life does not turn out right. It’s a way of generating unending hope to cover up the bitter disappointments when the great promises of God don’t seem to be yielding fruit in this life. We forget that Jesus of Nazareth too could do nothing significant until the Mind of Christ was activated in him. There is a question you need to answer before we proceed further. Did God create the heavens and earth first and think after or did He think first before creation commenced? Well, thoughts are spiritual and your destiny will hang in the balance until you absorb the thoughts of God using the Mind of Christ that probably lies dormant within you.

The Mind of Christ is the game changer you need but its activation requires a degree of diligence that those who settle for mere religion cannot give. The awesome potential that is caged inside you will attract testimonies beyond your wildest dreams once it is unleashed. All the potentials we are talking about are actually couched inside the new spirit that God gives to every believer at the new birth but this potential can only be activated by the Mind of Christ. By statistics there are very few believers that get to activate the Mind of Christ yet it is not difficult but most do not want to apply the diligence required. Without the operation of the Mind of Christ it’s impossible to grasp the mysteries of the kingdom or use the keys of the kingdom. Without the mind of Christ you will never really understand spiritual dimensions and everything from holiness, salvation, grace and prosperity to eternal life are misinterpreted completely. The attempt to master spiritual dimensions with the carnal mind is the root of the greatest frustrations in the modern church.

Clear Signs God Is Saying Yes to Your Prayers

I love to hear from God! There have been times when He has spoken to me so clearly that to doubt would be sin. Sometimes He speaks to me through a verse in Scripture. It will almost literally jump through the pages at me. I remember one time when I sensed God was speaking to me concerning a particular chapter in the Bible. It was a mighty word of blessing and favor.

I asked, “Lord, are you really speaking to me through this chapter? Can I really claim these words?” I recorded all of this in my prayer journal. That evening we visited a church service and the pastor preached a sermon based on a verse-by-verse study of the very chapter I had read that morning. I sat in tears as I was ministered to by God in a powerful way.

Some of His words have come through others, maybe through a sermon or a song. There have been times when others have shared a “word from the Lord.” How I appreciate it when brothers and sisters have obeyed the leading of the Lord and shared these messages with me. But I can honestly say that the times I’ve heard the Lord’s voice the most was in the quiet of my prayer times alone with Him.

Sometimes the words come with a sense of His presence so strong that I don’t want to move. I hardly want to breathe. Other times His voice is just a knowing, an awareness. I don’t hear from the Lord every time I pray, but when I do, it is more than special to me. When He speaks to me it’s often through what people describe as that “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12). It’s an awareness of information. I just know that I know! Scripture teaches that “His sheep … know His voice” (John 10:4). I recognize His words, be they ever so soft!

I remember when we first moved to Houston. We were doing church planting, so needless to say our money was more than tight! About a quarter of a mile from our house was a small strip mall with a large corner room for rent. The Lord began to minister to me to claim this place as our place of ministry. I remember arguing with the Lord that it was impossible. “Are You sure I’m hearing You? Are You sure?” I have to confess that I doubted God in this. It was so far beyond what we were able to do. However, I shared this information with my husband and we began praying for this place and claiming it as ours. For the first few weeks I regularly drove into the parking lot, either alone or with others, and thanked the Lord for it, praying for protection for the building and blessing for our future ministry.

As the weeks turned into months, my times of prayer for this possible opportunity began growing farther and farther apart. Soon I was barely praying and in several months, I gave up. One day, as I drove by, the Holy Spirit spoke as clearly as if He was sitting next to me: “When did I tell you to stop praying for this building?” I confessed my sin of unbelief to Him and began claiming it again. Within six months we were renting this property. What a blessing it has been in our ministry! I have to tell you, the best part was not the building, but seeing the miracle of how God provided and knowing He spoke it into my life! What a joy to hear from the Lord!

There are times when we need to pray in faith without constant reassurance from God that what we’re praying for is in His will. As I pray, I ask the Lord for guidance. Many times He confirms His leading through Scripture, agreement from another Christian brother or sister, or another way of His choosing.

There are those times, though, when I need to pray solely according to how I sense He’s leading me. During these times, I trust Him to redirect me if I’m not praying on the right path. I remind myself that His strength is made perfect in my weakness, that He knows my flaws and human boundaries, and that His ability to work things together for good far outweighs any of my human limitations. The important thing is that I want His will, I’m fully surrendered to Him, and I understand my role is that of a tool in His hands. My desire is to completely follow His leading. The answer depends on Him and Him alone!

It’s as if we’re coming before the Lord with our prayers and leaving them at His throne. We’re saying, “God, this is what I believe You want done in this situation. I trust you to answer as You see fit. I trust You! Show me if there’s something I’m not seeing. This is all about You.” That, my friend, takes both faith and hearing from Him, as we lift our requests to the Lord.

I believe every person who serves Christ should hear from Him. I have seen this principle misused, however. I was in one meeting where “the voice of God” spoke through nonbelievers giving direction for the church. This was not only accepted but encouraged. I’ve been in other meetings when a person was “spoken to from God” and frankly humiliated in front of the church body. There have been times when a brother or sister has shared a “revelation” they’ve received from God that I knew was not His voice. I knew this either from the content of the message or because of the details I knew about the person’s life. I have to tell you I seriously doubt the validity of these “messages from God.”