THE MASTERMINDS … There is an arcane intelligence behind all the darkness, confusions and depressions troubling the land. The chaos is sponsored by master minds who all report to the mastermind of darkness. Any nation, people or community that will beat these satanic wiles will have to produce a set of believers that can rise above religious rhythms, rites and rituals to provoke and activate the masters’ mind … the Mind of Christ! This is the game changer that every believer needs to connect their glorious destinies. Without breaking stride we must establish the fact that it’s this mindset that separates victors from victims, winners from losers, men from beasts and champions from failures.

Just for information, there are basically 4 mindsets that you have to choose from to operate in life.

  • The raw natural mindset
  • The intelligent mindset
  • The religious mindset
  • And the Mind of Christ.

The Mind of Christ is off course the greatest level and it’s the only mindset that has direct access to the Mind of God. Most people naturally gravitate towards the religious mindset and its sedative effects when life does not turn out right. It’s a way of generating unending hope to cover up the bitter disappointments when the great promises of God don’t seem to be yielding fruit in this life. We forget that Jesus of Nazareth too could do nothing significant until the Mind of Christ was activated in him. There is a question you need to answer before we proceed further. Did God create the heavens and earth first and think after or did He think first before creation commenced? Well, thoughts are spiritual and your destiny will hang in the balance until you absorb the thoughts of God using the Mind of Christ that probably lies dormant within you.

The Mind of Christ is the game changer you need but its activation requires a degree of diligence that those who settle for mere religion cannot give. The awesome potential that is caged inside you will attract testimonies beyond your wildest dreams once it is unleashed. All the potentials we are talking about are actually couched inside the new spirit that God gives to every believer at the new birth but this potential can only be activated by the Mind of Christ. By statistics there are very few believers that get to activate the Mind of Christ yet it is not difficult but most do not want to apply the diligence required. Without the operation of the Mind of Christ it’s impossible to grasp the mysteries of the kingdom or use the keys of the kingdom. Without the mind of Christ you will never really understand spiritual dimensions and everything from holiness, salvation, grace and prosperity to eternal life are misinterpreted completely. The attempt to master spiritual dimensions with the carnal mind is the root of the greatest frustrations in the modern church.

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